Parent(s)/guardian(s) can always register their child(-ren) for childcare services provided bij Villa Yip Kinderdagverblijf. Also if a child is not born yet. However, the expected date of birth should be known. You can register free of costs at You can phone, email our apply via to make an appointment for a tour in our daycare before you definitely decide about your application. Contracts starts normally by the 1st or 16th of the month.

 You may be entitled to the childcare allowance provide by the government. For conditions pleas refer to our net costs calculator at This refund is carried out by the Dutch tax authorities. Official allowance forms can be filled out online at  In case of absence of an employer, perhaps your municipality can help. You have to contact the department childcare of your municipality.

Placement & agreement

Placement is possible when:
• The child will visit Villa Yip Kinderdagverblijf at least one whole day ore two half days;
• The legal childratio (BKR) approves.

When the requested days are possible you will receive a contractual agreement (offer). This agreement you will also need when you make use of the childcare allowance. The agreement automatically ends at the 4th birthday of the child. If a child can not directly be placed, we will sign him/her in on our waiting list. Please note: priority is given to clients who already make use of our services.

Please note that our Terms of Delivery and the General Conditions Dutch Childcare Industry apply to all our contractual agreements (

Payment is made monthly by direct debit on/or around the 27th preceding the month in which the childcare services take place. More info at products & rates (

Withdrawals / cancellation
Prematurely cancelation is possible. This should be in writing. The notice period is one calendar month. Cancellation of (new) signed contract agreements which have not actually started yet is also possible. The cancellation charges apply to the daycare costs of one calendar month, according to the first day the (new) contract actually would start. These costst will be charged in accordance with the applicable agreements on direct debit (see payment). Please note: the cancellation policy is strictly determined in accordance with the terms and conditions ‘Branche Kinderopvang’ which are equitable and validated by national stakeholders. These terms and conditions are available in English at In addition, we want to point out that you also pass rate and/or contract changes to the tax authorities. This avoids the need to pay back afterwards or you forgetting a surcharge. For more information, please refer to our FAQ’s at

Opening hours and closures
Villa Yip Kinderdagverblijf is opened from Monday till Friday between 7.30 and 18.30. We’re closed on (CLA) national holidays and in the period starting from 1st Christmas day untill and including New Years Day. Also we’re a closed once every five years at May 5th (CLA). More info at our FAQ’s at

Villa Yip Kinderdagverblijf has a complaints procedure. For more info please see our do contact our office.

Villa Yip B.V. has a liability insurance. Villa Yip B.V. is only liable for the consequences of the actions of her employees or by hired third parties. The liability is limited to a amount of the damage for which the liability of Villa Yip BV is insuranced. Villa Yip B.V. accepts no liability for miscarriage or damage to clothes, brought toys, cameras and other assets.


Privacy rules (AVG) apply to the information you provided. This means for example that this information will not be shared with third parties without your permission.

Parents Committee
Villa Yip Kinderdagverblijf has a parents committee (OC). The OC represents clients interests. For more information refer to

Footage and publicity
Regularly footage is taken in our nursery. These can be used for publicity purposes. If you object for any reason please let us know.

General Terms & Conditions Dutch Daycare Industry
On our Terms of Delivery the General Conditions Dutch Daycare Inudsty apply (

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