1. Quarantine: compensation and swaps

Quarantine & compensation
When children are temporarily unable to come to Villa Yip because they (alone or with a group) are quarantined by the GGD, the same rules apply as when children can't come due to illness. In this case, parents will not receive any compensation for the absence.

The reason for this is that in case of quarantine of a (part of / or more) group(s), Villa Yip is still opened. We would simply provide our services if there were no quarantine imposed by the GGD.

If your child goes into quarantine according to the current guidelines and is therefore not allowed to come, the same swaprules apply as if your child can't come due to illness (or other absence).

However swapping is an extra service. We like to do this. But especially in these days staffing of groups is quite challenging. Requests for swaps remain possible. Unfortunately at this moment there is only little room to accommodate this.

In addition, we have been very lenient throughout the corona period regarding our swaprules. Even with that leniency we often don't succeed to a swap request.

2. How does things work in practice?

Please check our Know How (available at villayip.nl and in your KindPlanner Parent Portal). Clients who will start soon will automatically be noticed to take note of our Know How.

Villa Yip Know How (please copy link)

3. How does the billing works?

Your monthly average invoice amount is calculated on the total number of contractual childcare hours per calendar year, wich will be billed in 12 equal periods (direct debit) preceding the month in which the childcare services take place.

4. Where can I find bills and the annual statement?

An overview of bills and annual statements* can be found on your parent portal (Kindplanner). Use the login details that you have received from us. Log into Kindplanner through villayip.nl. (*will not send by email etc).

5. Can I swap my days?

We have a flexible swap regulation. We refer you to villayip.nl. You can find it at the bottom of our webpage at 'documents'.

6. Do I pay for closures during CLA / company closings?

Our closures (on public holidays/CLA and week of Christmas) are factored into our overall hourly rates and can therefore not being swapped. If we wouldn't do this, the prices per hour would be considerably higher. This has been found to be disadvantageous compared to the childcare allowance. CLA Holidays are also listed on the invoice.

7. I'm going on a holiday; do I have to pay for the days that my child doesn't come?

Our rates are calculated on general operating expenses, which also run when a child isn't present. In addition, we have conducted an average national vacation ratio absence in our general rates. If we wouldn't do this, the prices per hour are considerably higher. This has been found to be disadvantageous compared to the childcare allowance.

To meet our clients to holiday absence, we have a flexible swap regulation you can make use of. Please check villayip.nl.

8. Nutricion

Nutrition is always a current topic with us. We follow the general Dutch food culture (sandwich, fruit- and vegetable bites etc.) and we buy products with a conscious mind. So our rillettes is vegetarian, our fruit is always fresh from an organic grower and we know regular vegetable snacks in the afternoon. We try to keep the amount of sugars minimal. For example: we would rather give water than juice. We also take into account certain allergies. So we offer for example, by definition, no peanut butter in our groups.

9. My child is ill. Can I bring him/her?

We refer to our swap regulation on villayip.nl. The days that your child is sick may be swapped for other days, provided that they are appropriate within our swap regulation.

10. Should I pass rate changes to the tax authorities?

Our advice: yes. This avoids the need to pay back afterwards or you forgetting a surcharge. Current rates can be found on our price list and on your invoice. If you have a combination of whole and half day care then there is an average hourly rate. You can always ask us the exact rate.

11. Should I pass contract changes to the tax authorities?

Our advice: yes. This avoids the need to pay back afterwards or you forgetting a surcharge.

12. Notification of brother/sister

Will there be a brother or sister? First of all, congratulations! Would you like to settle care for him or her with us? Register him or her via villayip.nl. We ourselves will never just go and register your children. So to avoid disappointments, it's important to always register.

13. Can I order flexible care?

We offer this as an extra service. Note that flexible care can only be administered in combination with a fixed day care contract. Please refer to our product and price list on villayip.nl.

14. I'm (becoming) unemployed, what about the childcare allowance?

In the Netherlands you can still use childcare allowance during a period of 3 months after your dismissal. This is called a transition period. After this, the payment scheme expires. For the applicable notice period we refer to our delivery policy on villayip.nl. You are responsible as a parent that you cancel in time, should this be necessary.

15. When does the day care contract stop?

It stops automatically at the 4th birthday of the child.

16. Withdrawals

Termination must be done in writing with the date on which the contract is to be stopped. You can send an email to info@villayip.nl.

17. What is the notice period?

For the applicable notice period we refer to our terms of delivery on villayip.nl.

18. My child goes to school earlier, what should I do?

Please inform us in time. We will make sure that the reception agreement - if terminated within the applicable notice period - is stopped in time. You are responsible as a parent that the cancellation occurs swiftly. For the applicable notice period we refer to our delivery policy on villayip.nl.

19. My child goes to school later, can I bring him or her? Can I then continue claiming the childcare allowance?

Basically this is no problem as long as there is space. Please inform us in time. Children are required to go to school from the age of 5 years. In fact a child doesn't need to go to school earlier. This allows you to continue to use the childcare allowance. Our advice: always call the tax authorities. Things might change sometimes before the industry is informed.

20. My day care has yet to start, but I no longer wish to make use of it.

Sorry to hear this, but it can always happen. If you agreed to the placement agreement than we handle this according to the applicable notice period and cancellation charges. This is valid from the date that our service would start. Because the day care is already reserved for you, it’s possible to use the normal notice period. For the applicable notice period (and cancellation) we refer to our cancellation conditions on villayip.nl.

21. Company closures

Villa Yip is closed on public holidays according to CAO Childcare and from 1st Christmas(-day) up and untill (incl.) 1st of January (New Yearsday). Please also see our terms of delivery.