Our work revolves around children. Your most precious possession … that says enough. We therefore have a quality conscious mentality in everything we do or develop.

So we consciously choose, for example, a precise mix of MBO and HBO staff with diverse backgrounds. We employ people with experience in the healthcare industry, daycare sector and educational fields. Each and everyone enthusiastic team players. Together they define the educational policy. Thus, everything we do is felt throughout the organisation. So employees know why they do what they do.

find that important when it really add something. That’s why we adjust  training and coaching continuously to the actual learning needs of our organization.
Als we educate our employees in the field of first aid, and we facilitate the possibility that parents themselves can attend a paediatric first aid course. This is part of our security policy.

Also on procurement and the supply of food we think carefully. So we try to minimise sugars, and (for example) we buy cheese spread with minimal salt. Our weekly fresh fruit and vegetables come from an organic grower.

Actually, you can generally say that we are a low threshold club of enthusiastic narrow-minded specialists. We don’t just follow any new hype, but we are always open to good ideas and innovations that lead to improvement!