A child who’s ill should not be in a daycare center. We simply can not provide the special attention which the child currently deserves. We believe that sick children schould be at home or in a quiet area (such as grandparents, friends or family). A child may come to play again as soon as he/she is visibly cheered up.

We know the sounds from our industry that some daycare centers also take care of ill children (regardless of illness symptoms or fever). We think this is a step too far and irresponsible. This has in our view nothing to do with ensuring the overall well-being of children. Children are currently too vulnerable and they need the special care of the parents (or other family or friends).

In the case of general illness (diarrhea, vomiting, etc.) our staff will contact you to discuss the situation and possibly decide to a pickup request.

Normally a sick child with 38C (fever) should be picked up. When a child has fever symptoms (listless, rising temperature, red cheeks, etc.), our staff will contact you to discuss the situation and possibly decide to a pickup request.

When a child in the morning has a fever or a temperature increase, it is better to keep him/her at home. Often children in the course of the day get sicker. The hustle and bustle of the other children is too much for them so probably he/she must be picked up later anyway. Keep at least note that our staff may contact you with a pickup request later on that day. Just a tip: keep grandparents, friends or family standby

The main rule in case of fever: 38C = fever = pickup / stay at home

Our staff does not provide suppositories. Also providing suppository yourself in our nursery is not allowed. Inconsistent use of suppositories may have an febrile convulsion as result. We can take no responsibility for this.

It is absolutely not allowed to give a child a paracetamol/suppository before he/she comes to the nursery that day! We learned that many parents are not aware off the risk when the paracetamol/ suppository wears off, the fever can extremely shoot up to a possible febrile convulsion as result. Again, we can not take responsibility for this.

Has had a child a paracetamol/suppository in the evening/night before a visit to our nursery? Please inform us about it while you bring him/her. We appreciate this very much.

In general
We understand that it’s not always convenient to pickup a sick child. We also realize that this is not always directly possible, but we strive to a pickup as short as possible. This in the context of the overall well-being of the child.

Once we suspect that a child begins to get ill, we will contact you. So you can arrange some things in advance and have a possible standby option. However, sometimes a child is instantly sick. In that case we decide immediately to a pickup request.

As an extra service, we offer the possiblity to swap the ‘sick-day’ to another day. So that your can catch up on your work. Please see the swap regulation at

For all the exact regulations, we refer to our overall disease protocol. Ass a client you can find it by logging on to Kindplanner (client login / in Dutch only).

Special teething
We follow the national healthcare organisation (RIVM) directives on specific childhood diseases like chicken pox, impetigo, etc. When children are visibly ill (fever or no fever) when there’s a special childhood disease, we act conformity the overall disease protocol.

Thank you for understanding.

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