Early Childhood Education (Dutch: VVE)
VVE aims to prevent or reduce developmental delay for children aged 2 to 6 years through educational programs. Children playfully develop their social-emotional, language- and numeric skills. The goal of VVE is to give children a better start in education in a way to improve school performance and school success.

VVE stands or falls partly by the degree of parental involvement. We try to involve parents as much as possible with what we offer children. Repetition of a particular activity by parents at home, of course, is very valuable for the development of a child.

In addition, at Villa Yip we work with so-called themes. In these themes we have included several educational activities. Since we stand for meaningful childcare we choose to make educational activities (if possible) an extension of game activities. More information about how we offer VVE you can read in our educational policy.