1. Swapping is only possible when the legal childratio (BKR) approves. A swap request can be done within the KindPlanner parentportal. You will recieve an automatic mail message when approved or declined.
  2. Swapping is possible in the same week plus the week before and after which the swap question applies. The swap agreement must be made in advance. Exception is a swap afterwards in case of illness of a child.
    Swapping with retroactive effect is not allowed.
  3. Contractual care days which take place on public holidays (CAO) are excluded from swapping.
  4. Feel free to indicate your swap-wish anytime you like. However, it may occure that we can not give you a direct & fast reply (for example: when the childplanning is not ready yet). Please do not send any mails about this. We take care of all swaprequests when our childplanning is ready (normally two week before).
  5. Wrong date request? Please send an email to We will decline your request so you can do a new one in Kindplanner.
  6. In case of a swap, we try to place the child in his/her own group. When the BKR doesn’t approve, we offer an alternate group. If you’re not okay with this please mention it in the swap request (”only own group”) Please consider that the chance on a decline will increase.
  7. In case of frequent swapping of the same care day, we will discuss the possibility of a structural change in the contract.
  8. When swapping of educational purpose is not considered justified for the child, we will discuss this with the parent or caretaker.
  9. Undo an already made swap agreement is only possible when the legal BKR approves.
  10. Swapping is an additional service, not a right.

No rights can be derived from this document