Villa Yip Kinderdagverblijf provides childcare services per whole day or per half day (minimum is one whole day or two half days per week). It’s also possible to make a combination of whole and half day nursery. In addition, we offer only in conjunction with a permanent contract agreement, the possibility of occasional childcare per fixed half day or flex per hour.

From January 1, 2018 the following rates are applicable for our services. Please note: at the mentioned rates, the childcare refund (provided bij Dutch government) is not yet deducted. The actually net costs per month depend on the gross household income. A refund calculation can be made at Please don’t hesitate to contact us when help needed.

Calculate your net costs

National indexation
The actual childcare allowance (percentage) is calculated over the national indexation (gross hourly rate). In 2018 the Dutch governement determined the indexation at € 7,45.

Calculation 2018
Rates are calculated over a period of 51 weeks of opening. Week 52 Villa Yip Kinderdagverblijf is closed. This week will (with exception of national Holidays) not be charged to you. We exactly charge the number of contractual nursery days per month.

Whole Day childcare           Half Day childcare

7.30 till 18.30 (hourly av. rate € 7,43)               7.30 t/m 13.00 of 13.00 till 18.30 (hourly av. rate € 7,51)

1 day per week             €   347,35                       1 half day       € 175,55
2 days per week           €   694,71                       2 half days      € 351,09
3 days per week           € 1.042,06                      3 half days      € 526,64
4 days per week           € 1.389,41                      4 half days      € 702,19
5 days per week           € 1.736,76                      5 half days      € 877,73

Additional flex services

Additional flex chilcare is only possible when the legal childratio (BKR) applies and only in conjuction with a permant contract agreement.

Incidental nursery per half day with fixed times                       € 44,33   (hourly av. rate € 8,06)
(morning 7.30-13.00 / afternoon 13.00-18.30)

Flex nursery per hour                                                                     € 8,95
(flexible service which you can plan per hour)

General provisions
To determine the monthly amount: the number of hours per week is multiplied by the average hourly rate. The outcome is multiplied by 51 weeks (of opening), and then divided by 12 months. Please note: we charge exactly the contractual hours per month. Therefore the monthly invoice can differ from rates as shown. We also refer to our FAQ’s at We are closed on public holidays (see our terms of delivery). Nutrition and careproducts are included in the rates including Nutrilon baby formula. Deviating food (gluten free, lactose free, etc.) must be taken from home. For more important information (like swap- and ilness regulation, etc.) please scroll down at

Terms and conditions
On our rates our terms of delivery and the general conditions Dutch Childcare Industry, apply (

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