KIJK! (educational child tracking systeem)
Stimulating learning, the development of a child and steering that process is an important part of our work. To verify whether that goal is achieved and to determine what the child needs to develop further, you need to observe the overall development of a child. So we make our day care even more child focused and thus better.

We use the child tracking system KIJK! (It’s the Dutch word for Look!). This system exactly maps where a child is in his or her general development at a given moment. Through targeted observations and registrations, we test whether a child develops in line with the expectations. There can also be arrears or advance. In this case: the sooner you work on it, the better. KIJK! is designed to detect the emergence of arrears early. This way we can act in collaboration with parents and for example the care consultancy.

Eventually, if a child goes to school KIJK! also ensures the didactic continuous line. After all, a teacher nowadays often has 25 to 35 children in a class. Through the end-registration of KIJK! he can continue where the child remained. This way, he doesn’t need to ‘reinvent the wheel’. Almost all schools in Veldhoven and environment are now working with KIJK! Didactically, this fits together perfectly!