Complaints internal Villa Yip B.V.
You have a complaint. That’s not okay! Let’s try to solve this together! Please let us (group – or officestaff) know what’s bothering you. In this way we normally solve 99.9% of the complaints. When we unexpectedly not jointly agree we kindly ask you to follow our internal complaint procedure:

1. Please send us the complaint formally written bij email: You will receive a confirmation.
2. We examine the complaint carefully (within legal privacy regulations) and keep you informed of the progress.
3. Our aim is to conclude the complaint as soon as possible with a maximum of six weeks.
4. As part of the conclusion you will receive a reasoned settlement with (if applicable) a specific period within the complaint will be resolved. As well as the (possible) measures wich will be realized.

External complaints (National Arbitration Commission)
If the complainant disagree with the final judgement then the complainant can go to the NAC. This committee independently examines and judges the complaint. Villa Yip B.V. is a member of the section ‘loket kinderopvang’ of the NAC . Please note that charges may be tied to the submission of complaints. More information can be found at